Teacher Toolbox: Supplemental Resources

These supplemental materials, with the exception of the Case Teaching Notes and the PowerPoint, are included in the curriculum. They are provided here for ease of use. Teachers can direct their students to this page for the readings.

Biology and Ecology of the Steller Sea Lion (PDF)

Life History Transmitter Project Background (PDF)

Studying the Decline of the Steller Sea Lion: Population Sampling (PDF)

Telemetry and the LHX Tag (PDF)

Aerial photograph #1 (JPG)

Aerial photograph #2 (JPG)

Powerpoint Presentation (PPT)

Case Teaching Notes for “Mystery in Alaska: Why Have All the Sea Lions Gone?”
by Frank J. Dinan, Thomas R. Stabler, and Renee A. Larson, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY (Designed for college freshmen but could be adapted for high school: http://www.sciencecases.org/sea_lions/notes.asp)

10 minute video from Dr. Horning's lecture on the LHX project, available as a downloadable mp4 file in High Definition (99 MB) and lower definition (31MB)
HD lecture video downloadable mp4 file (99MB)
SD lecture video downloadable mp4 file (31MB)

Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corvin - 21 minutes TV episode 'Saving Sea Lions' featuring the LHX project. This is a very large downloadable mp4 file (288 MB).

45 minute seminar lecture given by Dr. Horning at the Fisheries Center of the University of British Columbia in November of 2014. The lecture discusses the recent (2014) findings of predation by Sleeper sharks on Steller sea lions.

You Tube Video